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All our artists are seasoned performers on stage as well as in the studio.

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Having played with the "who's who"in music royalty such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, BB King and Van Morrison, just to name a few, Jimmy D Lane is as good as it gets with blues guitar! Eric Clapton said he is "one of the worlds best guitarist!". Most recently, Jimmy D. Lane has been included on his father's, Jimmy Roger's Mississippi Blues Trail Historical Landmark in Ruleville, Mississippi. He is also a featured subject in the newly released Biography of Jimmy Rogers..."Blues All Day Long". Jimmy D. Lane made a national Canadian television appearance on Global BC Morning News. He was commissioned by Tourism Burnaby, British Columbia to host an online Twitter video show..."Tweet The Blues" help promote the Burnaby Blues Festival. "Tweet The Blues" won three Lotus Awards in November of 2012. He has two songs on the "Experience Hendrix" DVD...released in 2008. He performed with Mike McCready (of Pearl Jam), Double Trouble and Hubert Sumlin, on the project. Jimmy's song "Tears Without A Shoulder" is featured in an episode of "In Plain Sight" (The Trojan Horst). Jimmy D's version of Elmore James's 'Bleeding Heart" has passed 120,000 views on YouTube. Jimmy D. Lane and Jimmy Rogers were inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame on April 28, 2013 in a JBTV hosted NBC Television ceremony held at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago, IL. BadCat Pro Media Studios is proud to represent JIMMY D LANE as a booking agent and you can book him for your event easily...Right Now!!!

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Looking for the Ultimate rock fusion good times band? Then you found them! HASTINGS is a five piece group that never stops entertaining the audience.Performing both original songs and their own unique versions of favourite covers, the music will have everyone enjoying themselves! HASTINGS will impress everyone at your event or party and the incredible saxophone is a big part of their appeal as this instrument is rarely seen in today's bands. We recommend HASTINGS for any kind of event that you may be promoting.


Fronted by Reiny Horne, formerly of the very popular Blind Pidgeon. JOE GUNN is a cover band that gets the audience fully engaged with their artistic renditions of a extensive repertoire of covers layered with Reiny's popular original songs. These original songs are in regular rotation on MNET Radio, with Sweet of You to Say making the top 15 in February 2016! Very experienced and entertaining, Joe Gunn fills the evening with great music and affordable entertainment.

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This young, energetic, award winning, multi instrument, talented non stop PARTY band are a premier act and a must for ANY festival...Make sure you contact us early in the season to ensure their availabilty!

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This group (Previously known as Rob Roy and The Associates) is a Vancouver based Indie Rock band with progressive Folk under tones. They play regularly in the Vancouver area at premier venues such as the Roxy and Studio Records. They will be performing at the Ponderosa Festival in Rock Creek BC, as well as the Squamish Festival in 2016. This group of musicians pack a true punch of rock, blues, jazz, and folk within their sound. Rob Roy's vocal style is reminiscent of a David Byrne or Bob Dylan with re-gard to originality and confidence. Leo Sanchez brings his world class vocal range with Latin style. Cam Stephens (Drummer) brings jazzy licks into their indie rock sound. Dan Bartok (Bass) lays down his solid bass licks all night long. This group is used to playing in packed and sold out rooms and would be a great addition to your portfolio of available acts.!/artists/Rob-Roy-The-Associates


Looking for something completely different and refreshing? You can't go wrong with BORIS SICHON!

Former member of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Folkloric Band, the classically trained Boris has performed in over 25 countries and 5 Continents!

A true WORLD MUSICIAN and veteran performer, Boris Sichon offers an event performance second to none. He recently played to a sold out house at the MNET Arts Club Theatre with his talented daughter, Rebecca and received several standing ovations!


One way or another we all have a story. Some just live their stories quietly to themselves. Others have their stories told through books and movies. Corey tells his story through his songs. Not all of them are directly autobiographical. Some of them are close to that.

Corey continues to create a wide variety of music encompassing Folk/Acoustic/Contemporary/Blues/Rock/Pop. His whole life has been playing and sharing his songs. It is all a part of the journey, all a part of the story. And there is still more to tell.


Singer Songwriter and Master Performer, Dino DiNicolo is a star in the music world and simply blew away his audience in Mission, as he does everywhere he goes! With several great albums to his credit and having played with a long list of prominent musicians, Dino continues to achieve higher levels in his career. A friend of MNET, we look forward to his return to our stage! In the meantime we encourage you to visit his website and view the several YouTube videos posted on our website. Don't miss Dino DiNicolo when he returns to the MNET Arts Club Theater! - Rock


BadCat recording artist JEFF LAKEY has been moving audiences for over 30 years with his inspirational rock songs and sheer skill that only such a talented frontman can bring to an audience. Well known throughout British Columbia Jeff has just recently released his second album Standing On Top after a seven year hiatus. He performed to a sold out crowd at the MNET Arts Club Theater in Oct 2015.

With two songs in MNET Radio top 15 songs of 2015, CHANGES and SHE DOES'NT NOTICE your event will boast a true artist of the highest caliber


This band needs little introduction. They have performed for the Peak Project, CBC TV and Radio, various radio stations in B.C. and Washington State. Amazing music moves their audience immediately. Not only is their music catchy and original, it's infectious and a must dance style.


KicknRox hails from Mission, BC. They are old school rock and roll. They are proficient on their respective instruments and have a lot of experience playing for sold out crowds throughout the Lower Mainland. Their Event at Studio Records on Granville was sold out one full month prior to the show!! They simply ROCK!!


Neil Bernstein - Vocals, Will McCartney - Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals, Jaymz Askin - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals, Chris Panton on Bass

Now armed with new material....and more coming, LIMINIS is on the threshold of success with their new single Failing Gracefully, voted by their friends, families and fans as their best tune to date!


Recent and prominent additions to our artist pool, LITTLE WILD is an amazing group of young gentlemen that bring a high energy performance to their sets of modern pop rock, heavily influenced by their love of roots blues and swing music. This artist is a crowd pleaser and one of our premier talents.


Matt Mccrae is BadCat's first signed artist! Discovered at Open Mic in Mission, BC. When we first heard Matt's unique voice and creative and catchy tunes we knew he was a talented performer. He has been playing venues in the Fraser Valley regularly for the last year. He recently played to a sold out, standing room only event at the MNET Arts Club Theater. Matt will be going into the studio to record his songs with his band and look for those cuts to be released on MNET Radio in the near future!


Local singer-songwriters Jennie Bice, Tony O'Hara, and Michael Jantzen are accompanied by Solomon Janzen to form a unique blend of country, blues, and folk that will please your palette. Each member is an accomplished musician with a following for their individual endeavours.They draw audiences in with their thoughtful lyrics, sublime harmonies and infectious rhythm. With stick-in-your-head melodies and a playful stage presence, they create a musical experience you won't forget.

Sain Arden is a Symphonic Rock / Metal project with a strong influence of Classical and Celtic music. Harmoniously combining traditional and progressive sound, Sain Arden accents the beauty of each indi-vidual instrument.

A strong female vocal is a key feature of most compositions. Blended with rich sounds of guitar and classical instruments, the leading voice introduces diversity within Classical and Celtic flavoured pieces.


Modern pop rock artist TARL has received international recognition for his studio work and performances throughout Europe and North America. Availability for this talented young man is extremely limited so don't waste anytime in inquiring about including this headliner in your event!


The Co-Pilots came out of a long musical relationship between founding members Skye Brooks, Pete Schmitt and Dylan Smith. There is a wide scope of influences and experiences that has created the band's sound, which is both raw and refined, expansive and intimate. A restrained intensity simmers throughout their performances, at times boiling over into ecstatic abandon. Band leader Skye Brooks is known for his explosive and subtle drumming in cutting edge Vancouver bands, like Juno award winning Fond of Tigers, Juno nominated Inhabitants, the Tony Wilson 6tet, as well as great Canadian songwriters such as Veda Hille and Ndidi Onukwulu. With Co-Pilots, Skye picks up the guitar and steps up to the mic. Each member of the band is a fully realized musician, songwriter and artist in their own right. Pete Schmitt leads his own 200 Suns project and plays bass for Inhabitants and Sunkiller. Cole Schmidt leads Juno award winning band Pugs and Crows as well as Sick Boss. Karma Sohn has released an album of beautifully crafted art-pop songs. Dylan Smith drums in 200 Suns and is an accomplished visual artist who creates the artwork and design for Co-Pilots.!/bands/Copilots


Our most seasoned female performance and recording act, THE HARVEST have been together for years and it shows in their groove oriented, funky rock, blues stylings. Lead vocalist Shauna Meloche is one of the most powerful and consistent vocalists we've ever had the pleasure of managing. They performed to a sold out Event at The MNET Arts Club Theater in January, 2016. A highly entertaining group of professionals, THE HARVEST are a headliner act for your next event.


Western Jaguar is the project of multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Trainor who resides in Mission, British Columbia. Widely described as art rock and ambient alternative, Western Jaguar dives into an array of genres to create a diverse sound tapestry that contains several layers of sounds. His first album Glacia was released in September, 2013 and received very favourable reviews from several music sites and the UFV Cascade newspaper. With their new album Wayfarer they are filling rooms across the lower mainland.!/artists/Western-Jaguar