Andrew Judah
In the Sun 4:35

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MNET Media Radio and TV Studios was founded by Lance Schilka in the summer of 2015. His vision is driven to be "Dedicated to developing artists" and giving Mission, "the BIG MISH" a broadcast medium that did not exist in our city. Bringing a new format to radio that doesn't include endless commercials and boring content. The focus is all things MISSION and MUSIC! Our programming is all about keeping our audience entertained and informed in a way that no one else can do!

The MNET Arts Club , is our social club on Facebook that allows you to stay in touch with everything MNET! There is also the MNET Radio Facebook page to keep current with all the artists and features that MNET broadcasts worldwide. MNET TV is just starting out as a YouTube channel that you can go to and see video and programming such as, artist performances, The Score at the Store, LIVEish, The Mary Report (coming Soon!) and many other programs that you will find entertaining and informative. With local artists and guests sounding off on the music scene and the local issues of the day!

The modern digital recording studio at MNET Media, is a private facility intended for artists who show promising futures that require assistance in reaching their potentials. It is not open to the public. Already in the process of supporting several artists, some established and some soon to be, MNET is sure to produce artists that will reach the pinnacle of their genres.
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